Ad-NACH (National Automated Clearing House)

One Stop Solution For NACH

The Ad-Mandate solution is a one stop solution catering to all the requirements of the bank or its corporate customers with respect to the NACH platform launched by NPCI. The solution is also capable of seamlessly integrating itself with the banks CBS. The Solution runs independently thus does not burden the CBS network and does not hamper its performance. The solution provides modules for Scanning, data entry, file generation, conversion, MIS, Queries, etc. for mandate registration and transaction processing. The solution also allows for auto reconciliation. The solution provides modules for NACH (Mandate registration and transaction processing), ACH Dr, ACH Cr, APBS, DBTL, RECS Cr, etc. with the option of implementing additional modules as required by NPCI.

Ad-NACH (National Automated Clearing House)

  • Features

    • Digitization
    • Secure Application
    • Encrypted Data
    • User-friendly Screens
    • Reduces Processing Cost
  • Advantages

    • Reduce Processing Time
    • Manage Inward-Outward
    • Automated Processes
    • Easy Acceptance/Rejection
    • User-friendly Reports and MIS

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