Ad-Business Correspondent Biller

Ad-Business Correspondent Biller

Business correspondents are bank representatives. These Correspondent carries a card swipe machine/mobile device or laptop and provide help for banking transactions in rural areas .i.e. deposit money, withdraw money, transfer money and different types of loans etc. As per standard process, rural area people gives their thumb impression or electronic signature, and gets the money. The overall process is secured. The Business Correspondents also create awareness about savings account and other products. They also identify potential customers which can be referred back to banks for future business. Correspondents collect and do the preliminery check of documents and processing of various forms for deposits including verification. Our online product help Business Correspondents to overcome challenges with securly calculating the incentives and by reviewing real time dashboard.

Ad-Business Correspondent Biller

  • Features

    • Digitization
    • Secure application
    • User-friendly Navigation
    • Reduces Processing Cost
    • Various MIS Reports
  • Advantages

    • Reduce Operational Issues
    • Automated Processes
    • Avoid Irregular Accounting
    • Quick Tracking Mechanism
    • Automated Billing

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