Registrar & Transfer( R&T )

Services Related to Registrar

* Registering transfer of shares in the physical form.

* Dematrializing / Rematerializing share certificates

* Setting up of book closure date/record date.

* Recording movement of investors holding and their basic information including their specimen signature in    electronic media.

* Recording of Change of Address, Bank Mandates and ECS requests received from investors in physical    mode.

* Dividend Calculation, printing, distribution and reconciliation.

* Interaction with Stock Exchanges, SEBI and other connected statutory bodies.

* Investor Services including providing investor related information across the counter through written                communication/telephone/email.

* Disbursement of cash and non cash corporate benefits which includes Dividend/Interest/Redemption              payments.

* Providing periodic statistical information to clients such as shareholding pattern, category-wise distribution,    and  geographical distribution of holders, to facilitate Management decisions.

* Maintenance of records of Inward/Outward. Maintaining  of statutory records such as Transfer Deeds,              Demat / Remat Request Form, Register of Members, Allotment Registers, undelivered returned security          documents and  other Registers and Returns.

* Despatching all corporate communications to the shareholders.

* Facilitating shareholder polls and scrutiny of poll voting.

* Advisory services & value additions.