Registrar & Transfer( R&T )


Adroit has acted as Registrars to IPOs, both through the Fixed Price process and Book Building process. The activities are divided into three parts: Pre issue actives, activities during the issue and post Issue

The brief outline of our services is:

Pre-issue Activities

* Customized software for every issue.
* Sending instructions to Banks for reporting of collection figures and collection &  applications.
* Liaison with the Bankers and the Lead mangers.

Activities during the Issue

* Downloading the Bid data from BSE and NSE.
* Co-ordination with all the Escrow bankers and SCSB for the ASBA Applications bid.
* Liaise with clients and Issue Intermediaries.

Post Issue Activities

* Reconciliation with the Bid data and the Bank data.
* Provide Allotment Alternatives in consultation with Client / Merchant Banker and Regulatory Authorities.
* Facilitating Listing.
* Uploading of data to the Depositories for crediting of securities electronically.
* Despatch of Refund orders / Credit Advise.
* Periodic Report submission to Regulatory Authorities.
* Reconciliation of Refund payments.
* Attending to post issue Investor queries.