Being digital and data-driven, we feel it is vital to deliver more than just websites to our clients. We want to offer you, our client, multiple functionalities with anything that we create. With that in mind, we offer many exciting opportunities with Web Applications. Web Applications, put simply, is any software accessed through the Internet browser instead of offline on your computer. The popularity of web applications is dramatically increasing due to its ubiquitous nature and the convenience of its easy and global access. As a local application service provider, Adroit Corporate can work with your company to give you all the functionality you can possibly envisage. Having software available online allows users to enjoy the benefits and use of software without the overheads of downloading and storing of the software on a local computer's hard drive. This allows the software the ability for regular maintenance and updates without the hassle of distributing and installing routine software updates on potentially thousands of personal computers. The possibility of what web applications can do is seemingly limitless, and certainly anything you can dream up can be added to the interminable list. The most common forms of web applications include webmail, online retail stores, online auctions, wikis, and many other functions. Some of the Web Applications & tools we have build for the banking solutions with .net technology

Ad-Mandate or National Automated Clearing House (NACH)

An In-House developed solution for Mandate registration and transaction processing, as a sponsor bank and Destination Bank. The solution involves -- scanning (Any scanner integration),Data entry (Maker, Checker), file generation, ACK and RES file Updating, MIS generation as well as a Dashboard, Integration of CBS for inward mandate registration, and transaction generation and processing. System also allows storage of Image and data for as long as the client requires them.


Central KYC Records Registry (CKYC) - template for Know Your Customer (KYC) and reporting requirements under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)/ Common Reporting Standards (CRS).


Mandate approval process , validation of eSign xml form and data file based on the data submitted by the Sponsor Bank through NACH.

Digital signature validation engine to validate the eSign xml form received from NACH.

Verify the NACH Debit mandate data file.

Selection of an appropriate reason for rejections available in the system.

Creation of response file to submitted by the destination Bank

SMS facitlity to customers on receipt of mandates for both acceptance and rejection of mandates.

Ad-CTS cheque truncation system

An In-House developed system for processing of cheques as per the requirement of NPCI. The Cheque image is captured and integrated with the data captured on the cheque. The upload able file is then generated for CHI upload. Returns marking, P2F, batch balancing, queries, MIS, etc. are the other features of the solution


Ad-Sign is a desktop tool designed to attach digital signatures to files in any format. The digital signature can be as per the standard specified by NPCI. The output signed file will contain the data and Digital Signature along with the Public Key Certificate of the Signer. The tool also performs verification of a digitally signed file received from NPCI. After verification, the tool allows extraction of the original data and saves it in the required location.

Ad-H2H Host - to - Host Automated Solution

A system with a Capability to process all file formats (text/xml) current and future supported by NACH system i.e. ACH DR, ACH CR, NACH CR (ECS), NACH DR (ECS), APB, EBT, MMS, Aadhaar Mapper, Aadhaar V-lookup file formats, etc. The system also allows Auto Sign and Verify, Auto - Split and merge features, and email.


Automated checks and constraints to find irregular transactions

Keep checks on funds allocated and BCA agreement renewal, activities status at corporate office level.

Automated billing based on agreement rates and transactions done.

Generation of office note for payment approval, detailed information about rejected transactions, payment approval and intimation to RO’s about amount approved in every billing cycle.

Various MIS reports like region wise FI penetration, funds usage on individual activities etc.,

Use BI on historic data to enhance business