About AD-Sign

Ad-Sign is a desktop tool designed to attach digital signatures to files in any
format. The digital signature can be as per the standard specified by NPCI. The
output signed file will contain the data and Digital Signature along with the
Public Key Certificate of the Signer. The tool also performs verification of a digitally signed file received from NPCI. After verification, the tool allows extraction of the original data and saves it in the required location.

The tool also supports Digital Certificates stored in USB based Cryptographic tokens.


Involves all modules, including outward processing as well as inward processing and MIS and Reports.

Implemented and being outsourced for leading banks

Customizable as per banks requirements 

Can be Seamlessly integrated with the banks CBS 

Reduces operational risk by enabling IQA and UV Features within the system.

Mandate Registration & Processing

Automation as per NACH
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